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Simona Perra-Jones, born and raised in Italy, is an avid tango dancer that you can meet at the regular milongas in Austin and at special tango events such as the Austin Spring Tango Festival and the Sexteto Milonguero Show+Milonga (organized by Esquina Tango). Early in her tango journey, Simona discovered the importance of wearing well designed, well made tango shoes for her dancing. In 2016, Simona founded TangoTana which imports and sells some of the best Italian tango shoes for men and women. Simona carefully selects the goods she imports, and works closely with you to help you find the perfect shoe; the shoe that confers beauty and power to your dancing while making you feel great.

TangoTana is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. of Entonces T-Shoes. Made in Italy. Excellent quality tango shoes for Men and Women in low, medium, and high heel.

You deserve the best. Visit and email/call Simona to talk about what shoe would be best for you and/or to schedule a fitting (, 512-200-4514.)

Entonces shoes at Tango Tana

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