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Daniela Arcuri – shoes

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EsquinaTango – shoes and music

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Tango in Texas with shoes by Comme il Faut and Bandolera by Axis Tango

Comme il Faut shoes logoOften referred to as the Manolo Blahniks of the dance world, Comme il Faut shoes, originally designed for long hours of social Tango on the dance floors of Buenos Aires, have since garnered a reputation outside the world of Tango. Luxuriously sexy, Comme il Faut shoes have been written up in the pages of Cosmopolitan and Departures magazines. Equally renowned for their comfort, the shoes are designed to position the weight properly in the shoe which enables Tangueras to dance 6, 8, or 10 hours a day. New designs make their appearance every 10 days and no single design is made in any batch greater than 40 worldwide, allowing for what is, essentially, a limited edition design. Tango in Texas is an official distributor of Comme il Faut shoes. Sandy Flippo is the local sales representative and can be reached at 210-382-4873 or
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Also representing Bandolera by Axis Tango IMG_0680IMG_0676

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Tango Tana with Italian shoes by Alagalomi

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Alagalomi tango shoes are NEW to U.S. tango dancers, but destined to go a long way. These wonderful shoes are extra light and crafted for comfort, balance, and excellent foot articulation.

Rigorously made in Italy with Italian leathers. The moment you wear them and dance in them, you will feel the difference and never go back. Tango Tana is proud of carrying Alagalomi and giving the opportunity to Austin area dancers to have healthy, happy, gorgeous feet.

Tango Tana is Simona Perra-Jones, an avid tango dancer with high standards for quality. “We deserve the best.”
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